24 Hour Wildlife Removal Services



After you remove unwanted wildlife such as a raccoon or opossum from your attic, you still have to repair the damage that the animal did to the space. The professionals at Cajun Critter Removal understand the type damage that certain animals are responsible for allowing us to successfully locate these problems so effective and quality repairs can be made.


Roofing Damage

Since the animal was living in your attic, there is a good chance that your roofing system has been compromised. A number of large mammals will take advantage of weaker roofing materials so they can gain entry into your home.

Opossums for example, are opportunistic and they will use existing holes or weak spots in your roofing system to get into your home. The metal flashing around your chimney or attic vents is one common entry point for them, because they can squeeze their body through the smaller holes that they find.


Raccoons on the other hand will create their own entry point into your home. Some raccoons will even rip up the shingles and tear through the wooden base of your roof to get inside. Unfortunately, the damage they create can cause other problems such as allowing rainwater to enter your home through the animal doorway that the raccoon created.

After removing the animal, your Cajun Critter Removal expert will inspect and repair any broken flashing, shingles or wood throughout your roofing system. Doing so will help stop these animals from getting back into your home.


Attic Contamination

The roofing damage is not the only problem that animals create when living in your attic. These animals leave behind excrement and fleas throughout the space and these items need to be professionally removed from your home.

Excrement is your largest issue, because it can contain diseases and parasites that are harmful to people. You may even discover that your attic has fleas, which can easily spread to the rest of your home.

To handle the contamination of your attic, you will have a few options. Replacing your attic insulation is the best option. By replacing it all, you remove the excrement and fleas all at one time. It is very likely that the cost of this option is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy (depending on the type of animal). In the case of insurance coverage, Cajun Critter Removal will work directly through your insurance company to eliminate as much out-of-pocket expense as possible.

However, if replacing your insulation is not feasible, Cajun Critter Removal's trained professionals specialize in attic restorations and handles cleanup services after a wild animal has been removed from your home. An expert will remove the excrement and rid your home of fleas as well as kill any disease that the animal may have left behind.