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Raccoons are nocturnal omnivores that become active during late evenings and night times. These creatures often stay to themselves and away from humans but can become very problematic to urban dwellers. Raccoons, like most other small wildlife critters, tend to make themselves comfortable in your homes and can often be found in chimneys, attics and other areas where they can find protection from the weather and dangerous creatures. If a raccoon has found its way into your private living space, raccoon removal is essential.

Raccoons, like most other animals, travel in groups and they will infest your home if one should ever find its way inside. If you find that these pesky little creatures are sharing your personal space, you will first need to have them evacuated from the premises and then, you will need to seal their entrance.

While this process may sound simple in itself, raccoons are not easy to capture or chase away and you will need to hire the help of a professional raccoon removal company. Cajun Critter Removal specializes in humane raccoon removal and relocation. 

Raccoons release a pathogen known as baylisascaris procyonis, which can be harmful to your health. It is therefore recommended that you contact Cajun Critter Removal as soon as the infestation is noticed to prevent harm to you and your family.

Cajun Critter Removal is a company built by professionals and our exclusion service comes with a 1-year warranty.


Signs That You Have Raccoons In Your Attic Or Home

Raccoons are one of the largest critters that inhabit homes in the southern states area — and because of their large size, raccoons are relatively easy to notice. As nocturnal animals, raccoons will typically move around the attic and garage areas at night scratching and clawing, often loudly enough to wake the homeowners. Raccoons that are living comfortably in your home may even be bold enough to move around your home during daylight hours which means you may catch them snooping around your house even in the middle of the day.


Why Are Raccoons In Your Attic?

Raccoons, like many other animals, like to find warm, dry, and safe areas to call home. An attic provides a sheltered area for raccoons to sleep comfortably protected from the elements. Female raccoons in particular will seek out areas like attics when they are pregnant, in hopes of having and raising their babies in peace. Additionally, raccoons enjoy feasting on human’s leftover food, so a home near the garage and garbage cans is ideal.


Why Remove Them?

1. Damage To Your Home

The longer the raccoons stay in your home or attic, the more damage they are likely to cause. Raccoons are strong and have nimble paws that can scratch through walls, metal, wood, and insulation. Raccoons also have a tendency to chew, which cause serious problems should they choose to chew through wiring and piping (like air conditioning ducts.)

2. A Health Risk

Raccoons can carry a variety of diseases that are potentially harmful to humans and pets, the most common of which is Rabies. Rabies is a serious disease that can be fatal to pets and can even cause health problems in humans. In addition to diseases carried by the raccoons, there are even more health risks because of raccoon droppings and urine. Worms, parasites, and spores found in raccoon excrement can affect humans, especially if the contaminants are in the attic and get into the air conditioning and heating ducts.


When Should You Remove Them?

The short answer to this question is: as soon as possible. The longer you wait to remove raccoons from the attic, the more damage they can do to insulation, roofing, drywall, wiring, and ducts. If you wait, your attic will also accumulate more raccoon urine and feces which as previously mentioned can be dangerous.


In addition to trapping and removing the raccoons, our animal control technicians at Cajun Critter Removal are skilled in attic cleanup and restoration. To learn more about our full service attic restoration services, visit our attic cleanup page.