24 Hour Wildlife Removal Services


About Cajun Critter Removal


Who We Are

Cajun Critter Removal is the South's leading animal control business. In business since 2012, Cajun Critter Removal was created to help families rid their homes of unwelcome wildlife. We strive to help protect you and the pets that occupy your residence. Cajun Critter Removal is a 100% humane & animal friendly business that doesn’t believe in killing animals to remove them from your property.  We have a proven track record of successfully removing critters from hundreds of establishments.


Our Credentials

We are a standing member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, NWCOA. Our experienced staff and technicians are completely registered and insured, which means we are covered for any damage or injuries that may occur while we’re on your property.


Our Process

We have developed an effective process uniquely designed for each individual need that removes wildlife animals from your residence or commercial establishment without harming the animals and preventing future entry.  We use a variety of methods including live-traps and non toxic eviction fluids to safely and humanly remove unwanted pests. Trapped animals are relocated to approved, unpopulated areas. Our exclusion method guarantees your unwanted guest don’t return.


Our Guarantee

Cajun Critter Removal offers its customers an industry leading one-year warranty for removal of all animals. Our work saves you the expense of additional animal removal work because we do the job right the first time.  If the critters are persistent and do for some reason come back, we will work with you to fix the situation and make sure to fix the problem and secure the entries.  To learn more about our 1 year warranty and guarantees, visit the warranty page.